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About the company

Yona Uspiz Electric Motors Ltd. was founded in 1938. Its modern plants, located in the Holon industrial zone, south of Tel-Aviv, occupy a total area of about 13,500 sq.m.
The company manufactures a wide range of industrial AC three phase asynchronous squirrel cage electric motors with ratings from 0.37 kW to 2200 kW and voltages from 400/690 to 6900 volts, in IEC frames
up to 560.

These motors are available in the following enclosures:

- Drip proof IP23
- Weather protected IPW24
- Totally enclosed fan cooled IP55
- Flame proof-explosion proof

in the following mountings:

- Foot mounted
- Flange mounted
- Vertical solid shaft
- Vertical hollow shaft

and with the following cooling systems:

- Self ventilated
- Tube ventilated
- Air to water cooled
- Water cooled
- External cooling

All Uspiz motors are manufactured according to the latest standards of the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) and the equivalent U.S. standards (NEMA).
There is a strong emphasis on quality control in the production, and all motors meet international standards of quality assurance.
The company has its service and repairs dept. - handling motors up to 5000 kW, AC/DC, low & high voltage up to 11,000 volts.
We do our utmost to meet our customers' requirements- beginning with the inquiry, the quotation and the order, followed by the engineering design in close consultation with the customer, moving on to all stages of production, which are integrated with a system of quality control, as per ISO 9001.

An experienced and qualified staff, in the design, production, control and inspection departments, as well as modern machinery, ensure the consistent quality of Uspiz products.

In the wake of worldwide technological progress, the emphasis is on the development of products that call for sophistication, excellent professional know-how and a high level of quality. We at Uspiz Electric Motors are constantly striving to meet this challenge.

The major sales are to infrastructure industries, including power stations, water companies, chemical and petrochemical industries and a wide range of machinery manufacturers.

In order to step up the manufacture of special motors, the plants have been expanded and equipped to design, develop and manufacture motors adapted to meet special-purpose requirements.

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